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So I found this thread and figured I would re-post it here.


Some various tips and things that have been going around. I figured it couldn't hurt to get them all in one place, although this post has turned out so long that even I don't want to read this.

Gruul 2: Electric Boogaloo:
(Tanks) The physical portion of Inferno Strike is blockable, but not parry/dodgeable. If you still get 50% resolve when taunting, this creates the possibility of pooling 120 rage -> Taunt -> SBl -> SBar.
(Rogues) You can CloS the initial application of Petrifying Slam (watch for the animation), turning the fight into a 100% Patchwerk. Or you can be nice to your healers and CloS the Inferno Slice (it'll still split damage). Whichever. It's not my problem.

(Tanks) Absorbs and flat damage reduction both count as AM for Acid Torrent, down to a floor of 100k raid damage.
(Druids/Mages) During the rolling phase, if you happen to be near the boss, you can wait until he faces a duration and then Blink/Displacer through him with quick reflexes. Blinking through him while he's rolling is not recommended, although probably possible with the Blink glyph. Erm... What happens if you Shadowstep him while he's rolling?
The crates count as a mob dying for Shadowburn/Marked For Death/Glyph of the Executor.

Aknor Steelbringer And That Other Orc:
(Healers/Spriests) Singe shows as a dispellable debuff on party frames, but isn't actually dispellable, which is a known bug. Is still removable with Mass Dispel and Revival, which is yet another bug. Bugception. Also, a waste of mana.

Twin Ahnolds:
No boss tricks available here due to not actually counting as a boss, just the trash pull on the way to Flamebender.

Jazz Hands:
(Tanks) Glyph of Death From Above will allow you to Swifty charge each Slam. (Heroic leap out -> Charge back in). Especially handy to minimize damage taken with high sunder stacks, due to the movespeed debuff (Which can't be Freedom'd out of, already tried).
(Rogues) Blade Flurry will hit several hands around you during the Grasping Earth phase.
The hands count as a mob dying for Shadowburn/MFD/Glyph of the Executor. MFD may or may not be a loss here. Also, hilarious potential with Glyph of the Executor/Sweeping Strikes.

Beastmaster Hunter:
During and after the Rylak phase, the adds will leave voidzones of fire. We'll want to kill them off to the side, or somewhere that won't block off ranged.
The spears count as a mob dying for Shadowburn/Marked For Death/Glyph of the Executor. And the adds. Hopefully you have a mouseover/stopcasting macro, or you're going to have a really bad time. MFD will definitely be a huge dps increase here. Glyph of the Executor for the spears could be fun to play with, depending on how good you are at sniping killing blows.

Operator Trainboss:
Not a trick, but a hotfix on 2/12 changed the train schedule to be easier after the 7:30 mark. This will mess up Thogar Assist/Thogar Helper until they're updated past that point, though we never actually took that long anyways.
The Firemender's ability Cauterizing Bolt deals 20% of max health in damage to an ally and everyone within five yards of them, and then heals 30% of max health as an instantly ticking HoT. Might be possible to let the cast go through and time a Mass Dispel immediately after to get free damage on the adds (Ticks instantly with the HoT application, so won't actually deal 20% damage, and the tooltip shows "a greater amount of this healing occurs quickly" so this might not even work). Honestly, interrupting has been working fine so far.
The torches above the doors indicate what the train is doing. If one torch is lit, the train will stop and will either drop off adds or have a cannon. If all three torches are lit, the train will keep moving. Or, y'know... addon.
Marked for Death will be really, really, really good on this fight.

"Holy shit why is there fire everywhere" Furnace:
During phase 3, we may want to designate an area of the room to drop Melt to maximize the amount of space we have.
(Tanks) Phase 3 taunt swap: You gain a stack of Tempered only of your current stack of Heat is higher than your Tempered Stacks. To minimize damage, we want to make sure our stacks of Heat never go above our stacks of Tempered. It sounds like taunting -exactly- when the Heat stacks fall is key to this.
(Priests) Firecallers, Security Guards, and Engineers are able to be MC'd, which is a core mechanic for Mythic. After MC falls off, they'll gain a 100% damage buff and become MC immune (as well as, obviously, the add not being able to be focused down during the duration).

Security Guards:
Passive: Elemental Slayer. Damage increased against elementals.
Hotkey 4: Taunts a Slag Elemental.
5: Slay Elemental. (All difficulties) Increases damage taken by that elemental by 50% for 20 sec and (Mythic only) Removes a Slag Elemental's damage shield. This is core for getting through phase 2 as quickly as possible.

3: Lava Burst. Fires a burst of lava towards your target that hits for roughly 8 damage on a good day.
4: Cauterize Wounds. 3 sec cast, heals a friendly player for (Normal: 1%/Heroic: 2%/ Mythic: 3%) of their max health. Funfact: Heals for 0.2% on LFR. Probably has a cooldown (10s?).
5: Eruption. Rezzes a dormant Slag Elemental.

4: Electrocution. Deals a decent amount of damage (Normal: 24k/Heroic: 34k/Mythic: 46k) that jumps to two targets within 5 yards. Don't taze them, bro.
5: Throw Bomb. Throws a bomb to a player that they can use to detonate the furnace, same as if they had picked up a sack of bombs. It's probably considered rude to throw bombs to players at 10% health. I'm not sure exactly how phase 1 works, but this is likely core to getting through it quickly.

Looking at this list, it will probably shift our phase 1 kill priority to Operator > Engineers (So they can be MC'd) > Foreman > Security Guard. Firecallers don't sound worth it to MC.

Black Sabbath Iron Maidens:
Much like Paragons, you can Feign Death/Spectral Guise/Vanish/etc Penetrating Shot. I don't know how Ice Block/Divine Shield will work.
Some people claim you can FD/Guise/Vanish Blood Ritual, some people claim you can't. Not sure what's true.
Please don't FD/Guise/Vanish Rapid Fire. Please.
They will jump at 1:00, 4:20, and 7:40. Creates an interesting possibility of getting just one ship phase when we outgear the fight.
Blood Ritual doesn't trigger during a ship phase - not sure about the other tier 1 abilities. nor what they even are. meh.
Their energy goes up at a rate of 1 every 6 sec. They gain their new abilities at 30 (3-minute mark) (Penetrating Shot, Convulsive Shadow, Bloodsoaked Heartseeker) and 100 (Turret, Dark Hunt, Sanguine Strikes).
When any boss hits 20%, the soft enrage triggers. Or, in other words, the priority seems to be to drop them all near 20%, then focus the kill targets. Due to the raid damage however, it may be worth it to deliberately trigger the soft enrage instead of having a third ship phase. Marak is definitely priority due to shedloads of raid damage, then probably Gar'an, then Sorka. A cooldown rotation on the Marak tank will minimize raid damage during this phase, as Sanguine Strikes is a raid-wide Voodoo Dolls.

Chief Warlord Bladehand:
Shadowstep/charge/etc in midair will get you back to the boss after a P3 smash. Death Knights and Paladins, enjoy the walk. Take in the lovely atmosphere.
You can Vanish/Feign/Guise a slag bomb in P3 and it'll simply disappear. Allegedly. Please test this in a safe area away from the raid.
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"Can Vanish/FD/Etc" slags in P3..... Unholy wanna try it?
-If it's red, make it dead. D-E-D Ded-
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I think they fixed that from looking on some rogue forums. Blizzard has been trying to fix some of these 'bugs' so certain classes cant cheese the fight.
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