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Loot System

Loot System

About EPGP

Windfall uses EPGP as it's loot system. This allows us to accurately track our raider's attendance and time spent raiding as well as the amount of gear each raider has received.

Effort Points

EP stands for Effort Points and is used to track each raider's 'effort'. EP is awarded for being on time, time spent raiding, when a progression boss is killed and upon raid completion. EP can also be given out at the GM's discretion for special reasons.

Gear Points

GP stands for Gear Points and is used to track the amount of gear a raider has received. GP is given when a player receives a piece of gear. Each item has a specific GP cost based on the item's stat budget, including Warforged and socketed items.

More Information

For more information on how EPGP works visit the EPGP website's Documentation Page.

Our EPGP Setup

This section describes how we will award EP and GP along with a few of the EPGP configuration options.

EP Awards

As mentioned above, EP will be awarded for being on time at the start of the raid, for time spent raiding, when a progression boss is killed, and upon raid completion. The exact amounts are as follows:

  • 200 EP for being on time
  • 50 EP every 15 minutes raiding
  • 100 EP for progression boss kills, may be increased on very difficult bosses
  • 200 EP at the end of the raid

EP may also be rewarded for other special reasons, such as referring a new member or donating to the guild bank.

GP Gear Costs

All gear has a specific GP cost. The cost of a piece of gear is based on the stat budget of the item, which is determined by the slot and item level. Bonus stats such as Warforged and sockets will add to the items usual cost. Tertiary stats won't add to the cost of an item considering they are negligible.

The loot priorities, in order, and their respective costs are:

  1. 7+ ilvl Upgrade - 100% GP
  2. 0-6 ilvl Upgrade (minor upgrade) - 50% GP
  3. 0 ilvl Sidegrade - 25% GP
  4. Flexible Offspec Upgrade - 1 GP
  5. Offspec Upgrade - Cost of disenchant materials
  6. Transmog Gear - Cost of disenchant materials

Weapons and shields may receive a multiplier to their GP cost based on how they are used. These cases include:

  • Weapons have an increased cost because of a multiplier. 2H weapons are 4xBase GP, 1H weapons are 3xBase GP.
  • Offhand weapons will cost the default GP amount without the modifier.
  • Shield tanks will pay the base GP cost for weapons and 3 times of the base GP cost for shields, as opposed to the other way around for non-tank shield users.

Although EPGP is used for loot distribution, there will be times where loot council will be used for the benefit of the guild. These situations include:

  • Tier/Upgrade Tokens will always be loot counciled at the start of each tier. These tokens will be given at regular GP cost to those classes that we deem need them the most. If we find tanks are getting smashed and need more health/survivability, then we'll prioritise these to tanks. If we find our healers are constantly running out of mana and can't heal the content, we'll prioritise healers. If we find we're hitting enrage on multiple boss fights due to lack of DPS, then we'll prioritise DPS. Additionally we will focus players who can make 2/4 sets. Once everyone has a 2/4 set, then expect the tokens to simply be distributed via EPGP.
  • Offhand weapons will take lower priority to mainhand weapons. For example, if Fred has a PR of 5 and wants to upgrade his offhand dagger and bids 7+ upgrade, and Barney has a PR of 40 and wants to upgrade his mainhand dagger and also bids 7+ upgrade, then even though Fred has the higher PR the item will still go to Barney because it will be a much larger upgrade to his DPS and benefit the guild as a whole.
  • Trial raiders will have zero loot priority over existing raiders. The only time trial raiders will receive loot is when it is not required by other permanent raiders.

Base GP

Base GP is used to keep brand new raiders from having a higher priority over more long standing raiders.

We use a Base GP value of 2000.


Decay reduces everyone's EP and GP by a set percentage. This allows for more recent effort to be awarded more than past effort, helping to prevent EP hoarding. This also encourages picking up even small upgrades as the GP received decays over time.

We use a Decay of 10% per week.

Minimum EP

A minimum EP value is a set amount of EP a raider must have in order to be considered at the normal priority. Players below the minimum are considered at a lower priority. This means new members will need to meet the minimum before they will be at normal priority.

We use a Minimum EP of 3000.


To make our EPGP system as easy as possible to manage we will be using the two addons listed below.

EPGP Addon

Download Link:

The EPGP addon is the base addon that tracks player's EP and GP. It will allow our members to view their current EP, GP and priority. This addon isn't required but if you want to view the EPGP standings in game you'll need to have it.

EPGP Lootmaster

Download Link:

EPGP Lootmaster will make loot distribution in raids easier and quicker. All raiders must install this addon. This addon contains two modules, the Core module and the ML module. All raiders need to have the Core module installed and loaded. The ML module is used by the loot master and will only work if you have the EPGP addon above. The ML module isn't required.

Exceptions and Stipulations

This last section contains a few exceptions and stipulations that will improve how we distribute loot.

Upgrades won't be Disenchanted

An item will NEVER be disenchanted if it is an upgrade for a player's main spec. Loot that is useful, even if it is only slight upgrade, will be given out. We won't let gear be disenchanted because everyone that can use it is saving for a specific piece.

Flexible Offspecs

Some players may be designated as flexible offspec players, such as offspec tanks. A flexible offspec raider will receive offspec loot before others. This way if we ever need a tank or healer we have a way to fill the spot.

Overriding EPGP

The officers and guild master reserve the right to override the EPGP system if we feel a certain piece of gear will benefit the guild more by going to a player that isn't highest on priority. The EPGP system is a guideline and will usually be followed but can be side-stepped when it isn't in the guild's best interest.


The above numbers are subject to change at any time if the officers and guild master feel the numbers aren't working as intended or are in-effective at serving their purpose