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Guild Policies

Guild Policies

Raider Expectations

This is a list of the expectations we have of our raiders. We want to have a enjoyable, but at the same time productive, raid environment. This list ensures that our raid team is held to standards that assist in providing that experience. Failure to meet the expectations could result in the loss of a raid spot.


Windfall raids Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11pm-2am EST(Server Time). Invites will go out at 10:45pm (15 minutes prior to raid).

Below are expectations with regards to attendance:

  • Raiders are expected to be online and ready at raid time
  • Raiders that show up late or miss a raid without giving prior notice will receive an EP penalty, consecutive offences will result in a doubled penalty.
  • We expect our raiders to keep a 90% attendance rate
  • If a raider's schedule changes and is unable to attend raids regularly they are expected to inform the officers

Raid Environment

Below are our expectations before or while raiding to keep a fun but productive environment:

  • Come prepared with prior knowledge of the boss fights
  • Have the best enchants, gems and consumables available
  • During an encounter voice communications are kept clear to ensure good communication
  • Chatter during trash and after a wipe is fine, as long as it isn't out of control
  • If you want to give advice or a suggestion, you are expected to do so in a constructive manner
  • Ask questions for further clarification (If your silence results in your death and/or the death of those around you, it will reflect poorly on you)

Trial Period

New recruits will be subject to a trial period where we will be able to judge their performance. A trial period will last at least two weeks. At the end of the second week of raiding, a decision will be made by the guild leadership on whether to keep or drop a trial member. It may also be decided that the trail needs more time and in those cases it will be extended one week.

During the trial period your expected to attend 100% of the raids (Except for extreme circumstances). Trials will be given time in raid for their performance to be assessed. Trial raiders will always have lower priority on loot to regular raiders.

Guild Bank

To ensure our raiders have access to the best gems, enchants, flasks and potions, the guild will do what it can to provide them for our raiders. To be allowed access to the guild bank raiders must have an authenticator.

The following will be provided to our raiders that have an authenticator.

  • Flasks
  • Potions
  • Food
  • Enchants
  • Gems
  • Repairs

To ensure the guild bank has these available we will sometimes offer EP to those who contribute materials or gold.